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We rent brand new Polaris side by sides of all shapes and sizes. Ranging from 1 seaters to 6 seaters.

We rent brand new Polaris side by sides of all sizes and power. From 1 seater to 6 seaters we are sure to fit your group's needs. All of our vehicles are 2020 models which gives them a sleek performance rate. Our top of the line fleet is sure to give you an A+ adventure.

Check out our Polaris Vehicle offerings below!

RZR RS1* Starting at $250

You don’t just sit in the new RZR ® RS1 , it becomes an extension of you. The center-cockpit design delivers high-visibility sight-lines to oncoming terrain and is optimally positioned for performance. This connection between driver, vehicle, and terrain results in a high-energy driving experience unlike any other.

1 Person Capacity
110 HP ProStar 4-Stroke Engine
Walker Evans® Needle Shocks

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Ranger 1000XP Starting at $315 + Tax

When you spend your day off road you deserve to be comfortable. RANGER 1000 ® surrounds you with improved plush seats, tilt steering, a cab full of storage and ample room to get in and out. Plus, enjoy a smooth ride with 10” of suspension travel, an all-new purpose-built and single overhead cam engine that delivers 61 horsepower making it smooth, quiet, and powerful.

2 Person Capacity
Electronic Power Steering
Cut & Sew & 1” Thicker Seats
Adjustable Seat Slide

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RZR XP 1000 Starting at $375 + Tax

Put yourself firmly in control, even in the most unpredictable terrain, with the extreme performance of 110 HP, 20” of usable travel, 64” stance and the definitive grip of 29” tires. From the assertive shape outside and the refined cockpit within, RZR XP 1000 ® gives scorching acceleration, ridiculous response, smooth running quality, & proven reliability.

2 Person Capacity
100 HP ProStar 1000
60" Width
FOX 2.0 Podium X Shocks

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RZR XP Pro Turbo Starting at $425 + Tax

Take your riding to the next level with the RZR PRO XP ®. The Pro defies reason with a breakthrough design, built from the ground up, delivering a menacing combination of performance and industry-leading capability. Instantly become the star of the show. No matter where you ride, you’ll be the center of attention with an off-road vehicle that defines style, design, and performance.

2 Person Capacity (Age 25 or older to rent)
181 HP Turbo
Walker Evans 2.5 Needle Shocks
Xtreme Performance Isolated True On-Demand AWD/2WD

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RZR XP Pro Ultimate DYNAMIX Starting at $449 + Tax

Experience a new level of ultimate trail-performance. The RZR PRO XP Ultimate Dynamix ® touts an elevated design where you come first, performance is unmatched and has the strength to tackle the harshest of terrain Take your driving to the next level with the most agile, most capable and most versatile RZR ever. The perfect blend of performance, design and strength in action.

2 Person Capacity (Age 25 or older to rent)
Retractable 6-Pt Harness
181 HP Turbo
FOX 2.5 Live Valve Shocks

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RZR XP 1000 Starting at $399 + Tax

Face challenging terrain head-on with a vehicle that has defined off-roading by every measure. The chiseled and muscular stance of the RZR XP ® puts every kind of terrain on alert as you conquer rough trails in a vehicle that performs as good as it looks. This vehicle has an ideal blend of power, suspension and agility that provides the ultimate riding experience.

4 Person Capacity
110 HP 1000 H.O. 4-Stroke Engine
2.5 in Walker Evans Needle Shocks

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RZR Turbo S Starting at $449 + Tax

The new RZR XP Turbo S has been completely re-engineered to be stronger and tougher in every respect. The vehicle’s monstrous 32" tires and massive 72" stance have been integrated into a brand new, stronger chassis that delivers ruthless performance that can’t be stopped.

4 Person Capacity (Age 25 or older to rent)
Turbo H.O.; 4-Stroke DOHC Twin Cylinder Turbocharged
Isolated Xtreme Performance True On-Demand AWD/2WD

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XP Pro Ultimate DYNAMIX Starting at $475 + Tax

You’ll know what the best in trail-class performance feels like the second you turn the key. With power that hits instantly and up to 22” of usable suspension travel for pro-level control. Every component is built up to 8x tougher, from chassis, axles, clutching and transmission. The RZR PRO XP ® stands-out with distinctive style, industry-leading technology, and a driver-first attitude.

4 Person Capacity (Age 25 or older to rent)
181 HP Turbo
20"/22" Usable Travel
Walker Evans 2.5 Needle Shocks
Xtreme Performance Isolated True On-Demand AWD/2WD

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Ranger Crew 1000XP Starting at $399 + Tax

The RANGER CREW ® XP 1000 brings six-person passenger capacity and added payload to the world’s Hardest Working, Smoothest Riding ® utility side-by-side.


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Slingshot* Starting at $100 + Tax for the first hour & then $49 + Tax for each additional hour.

Our Slingshot ® will put a smile across your face every time you ride. Slingshot's unmistakable styling flows into a sporty cockpit featuring Traction & Stability Control, electronic speed-sensitive steering, 3-point seat belts, and forged aluminum roll-hoops so you can ride with performance and safety. There's simply nothing like it!

2 Person Capacity - Age 25 or older to rent
GM Ecotec 2.4L DOHC 4 Cylinder
Polaris EPAS, Speed Sensitive
5 speed manual transmission

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*Models may be shown with additional modifications or accessories not available on all rentals.


  • Must be 18 years or older to rent any of our base model units.
  • Must be 25 years or older to rent any of our Turbo models or Slingshots.
  • Driver minimum age 18 years no exceptions.
  • Valid driver’s license required and the renter must provide their license at the time of check in.
  • Helmets are required, and are complementary.
  • $3000 deposit required PER VEHICLE at the time of your rental by credit card or cash. Funds must be available.
  • All off-road vehicles have automatic transmissions.
  • Polaris Slingshot has a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • Custom, easy to follow trail maps with GPS location tablet.
  • Includes the fuel, helmets and goggles, as well as a cooler with bottled water and ice.
  • Half days are 4 hours and Full days are 8 hours.